Zyxel Nebula Solution Helps Italian Music Production Company Improve Network Security and Efficiency

Best Sound S.R.L. wanted to improve WiFi coverage for all ten recording studios located in two separate buildings due to soundproofing walls blocking WiFi signals. Stable, high-speed and secure WiFi connectivity was essential for the artists as they needed to upload and download music files demanding high bandwidth. New network infrastructure was required to be built across multiple locations to supply high-volume data transmission. After evaluation, Best Sound and its system integrator Brianza ICT Group selected Zyxel NWA1123-AC PRO and Nebula cloud networking management solution because of their ease of installation and configuration. Control and management via the cloud and optimal coverage in the studios was an additional factor. The solution can separate network via VLAN and SSID to ensure separate management of WiFi devices and secure connections that are GDPR compliant. NWA1123-AC PRO features antenna-optimization design and RF First technology to provide greater coverage and optimized connection speeds. Supporting NebulaFlex technology, the APs can be controlled via the cloud at any time with a few simple clicks. Nebula Control Center (NCC) provides easy remote management through a single dashboard, making it possible to have an immediate, simultaneous view and control of the devices. The company also benefits from Nebula’s remote maintenance service optimizing maintenance time and cost.

Our technicians have managed to design and build a delicate WiFi infrastructure with Zyxel Nebula solution. Today, they can provide a remote maintenance service as well as optimizing time and costs.

Andrea Giorgi
Head of Sales, Brianza ICT Group

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