Shane International Preschool Ups its Teaching Quality and Competitive Edge with Zyxel Switching Solution

When Shane English School decided to set up a new flagship preschool in Taiwan, it knew it needed a network that could deliver high data rates and reliability, and that its staff could manage without a steep learning curve. As pioneers in bringing innovative learning methods and educational best practices, the school wanted a campus that would prepare students to be successful citizens of the world. This meant everything from connected classrooms for learning to CCTV cameras for safety. Attracted by Zyxel Networks’ prompt service and wide portfolio of reliable products, the school found the experience so fruitful that it has kindled what looks set to be a long-lasting relationship. See the story to learn why.

As our new flagship location, we paid extra close attention to the network connectivity of the new campus. With these high-performance switches from Zyxel Networks, our network operation is totally smooth, and this is making for better learning quality. Also highly worth mentioning is that our new system is extremely easy for our staff to manage, even those with relatively little IT expertise.

Chris Kao
Management Department Assistant Manager Shane International Preschool

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