Новий тайський житловий проект забезпечує швидке підключення до Інтернету та легке розширення завдяки рішенню Zyxel GPON

Piman Group was looking for a trustworthy equipment supplier who could provide its new housing project with a reliable wired and wireless internet solution at an affordable price and backed by strong customer support. The group turned to Zyxel solution partner High Solution of Television Network (HSTN) for help. Zyxel was selected for its cost-effective solutions and ability to fulfill the requirements in terms of return on investment and performance. HSTN also entrusted the project to Zyxel because of their long-term cooperation and Zyxel’s rich experiences in residential projects. In addition to creating a high-speed wired and wireless internet access environment, Zyxel was able to help the group to extend network coverage to its phase 2 housing with less-complex construction at minimal cost.

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