Історичний італійський ресторан відроджується завдяки високопродуктивній та безпечній мережі із Zyxel Nebula та рішеннями безпеки

Located in Turin, Italy, Maison Del Cambio is a legendary restaurant located inside a history building, well-known for its gourmets from Michelin starred chef Matteo Baronetto. The restaurant is dedicated to offering exquisite and amazing guest experiences through impressive cuisines and interior designs. The restaurant recently planned to upgrade its network infrastructure to provide high-speed and secure WiFi services to customers and staff. Because of its historic nature, any projects or intervention must be made carefully without impacting on the aesthetics of the building. Zyxel Networks made it possible with the Nebula cloud networking solution and advanced security firewall. See how the restaurant has been revived with not only over-the-top gastronomic experiences but also exceptional network connectivity.

We’re very happy with the significant increase in coverage quality, system stability and performance. Zyxel’s solutions enabled wide coverage and seamless connectivity in all areas in the building, including previously hard-to-reach areas like wine cellars.

Mauro Destro
General Manager, AVN Sistemi

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