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Ultimate WiMAX MIMO Technology for Ultimate Mobility


Ultimate Wireless broadband technology

Zyxel’s MAX308M supports state-of-the-art WiMAX technologies like Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC), MIMO Matrix A and B and beamforming that enable superior radio performance and extensive radio coverage.

Software upgrade over the air

Through the WiMAX radio interface, the MAX308M supports TR-069 and OMA-DM that are fully configurable and software upgradeable through events triggered by the operators.

Standard 802.3af PoE

The MAX308M can be connected with a standard 802.3af compliant for easy Installation.

Built-in high-gain MIMO antenna

The MAX308M provides integrated cross-polarized antenna for easy installation and high performance in different environments.

Advanced IP networking features

The MAX308M supports advanced IP networking functionalities, including Bridge and NAT Router features needed to access the Internet and Firewall security to protect the Internet access activities.

Easy-to-install antenna alignment

The MAX308M features visible LED bars showing the WiMAX radio signal strength for easier antenna alignment; it also has a built-in buzzer to help alignment if the LED bars are hard to see under direct sunlight. The included flexible mounting kit is suitable for different environments and supports easy adjustment of direction and position.

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