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802.11ac Dual Radio Unified Pro Access Point

The WAC6500 series delivers industry-leading Wi-Fi performance with its innovative smart antenna design, supporting increasing WiFi demand of your business.

Evolving with NebulaFlex Pro and Professional pack support, WAC6500 series gives your wireless network the capability for tri-mode deployment, including standalone AP, controller-managed AP and Nebula cloud managed AP. The innovative flexibility adapts your rapidly-growing business needs and protects your wireless investment.

WAC6500 Series

NebulaFlexTM Pro

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Let the signal follow your path

The Zyxel smart antenna continuously calculates the ideal patterns for each individual client. Which not only enhance the connection with clients but also mitigates interface from other wireless devices.

University study confirms Zyxel Smart Antenna is the #1 solution to eliminate co-channel interference and deliver Wi-Fi performance.

Smart Antenna bar chart
Report conducted by University of Brescia

Zyxel outperforms all other industry-leading vendors in both coverage and co-channel interference test.

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Perfect choice of high-density environments

Designed with smart antenna, the WAC6500 series provides dynamic signal patterns to deliver best service to every client. In addition, advanced Wi-Fi features such as load balancing and smart-client steering ensure a smooth, consistent, and uninterrupted wireless access experience for all users.

Perfect choice for high-density environments

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NebulaFlex Pro özelliğine sahip WAC6500 serisi,iş gereksinimleriniz ne olursa olsun bunları karşılamak için geleneksel mod, denetleyici veya Nebula Kontrol Merkezi tarafından çalıştırılabilir. Basit bir ağ için geleneksel modda çalışabilir ve karmaşık ihtiyaçlar için ise yerinde denetim moduyla çalışabilen gelişmiş özellikler gerekir. Nebula, tüm durumları büyük ölçeklenebilirlik, zengin özellikler ve merkezi yönetim ile karşılamak için tasarlanmıştır.

*All specifications are subject to change without notice.