Zyxel’s latest router provides small businesses and remote workers with a simpler approach to WiFi 6E and security

The SCR 50AXE router brings security, WiFi 6E, and cloud management together in one device, offering a simple and affordable solution to running small business networks

Hsinchu, Taiwan, April 17, 2023 — Zyxel Networks, the leader in delivering secure and cloud-powered networking solutions, has announced the release of its new SCR 50AXE - AXE5400 Tri-band WiFi 6E Secure Cloud-managed Router. The device is designed for small and home office users, remote workers, and small business owners looking for a network with best-in-class security and superfast WiFi.

While there are many security and WiFi devices currently on the market, small businesses and home office workers often struggle to find a cost-effective network management option that is simple, fast, secure, and easy to manage. The SCR 50AXE alleviates this pain, by bringing together everything needed in a small business network in one device, at an affordable price.

Subscription-free network security

The SCR 50AXE has been designed with security in mind, offering best-in-class security as part of the product, without any extra subscription or licensing costs. In-built and comprehensive threat management features help protect small businesses from ransomware, malware, mail fraud, phishing, intrusion, exploitation, and other attacks, using reputation-based technologies that deliver on performance while consuming less computing power.

Additional security features, such as firewalling, country restrictions, IPsec VPN, and guest SSID are also available. Users looking for even more security and management options can choose to opt-in to the SCR Pro Pack license, including real-time threat intelligence insights, web filtering (DNS) powered by Trellix, 30-day log retention, AI-assisted smart network management, and more.

All threat management features are presented in a graphical security dashboard showing threat insights and providing information on how devices connected to the router are behaving.

Superfast WiFi, simply managed

Alongside comprehensive security measures, the SCR 50AXE also includes the latest tri-band AXE5400 WiFi 6E, granting businesses access to the newly opened 6GHz radio with super-wide channels*. This allows them to take advantage of maximum speeds and low latency across multiple connections simultaneously.

Additionally, the SCR 50AXE is cloud-native, meaning it has been created to be cloud-manageable through Zyxel’s Nebula platform. By simply using the Nebula app, customers can finish onboarding the SCR 50AXE in just a few clicks and provision the WiFi name to the whole network, including the router and any additional access points. The app also allows users to seamlessly manage their connectivity and security from anywhere, via a single pane of glass, and receive an up-to-date view of their network security posture at a glance.

Having been through seventeen major updates since 2016, including the most recent version released in April 2023, Nebula has been transformed to incorporate real-world feedback, making it easier to access key features with a new menu structure and user interface enhancements. It is the most comprehensive cloud networking solution for SMBs, supporting 100 different models in its product portfolio. This includes the recently launched NWA50AX Pro and NWA90AX Pro WiFi 6 APs for small businesses, WiFi 6E APs, multi-gigabit switches, firewalls, and 5G mobile routers.

Mr. Ken Tsai, Associate Vice President of Zyxel Gateway SBU, says, “The small business market is often overlooked when it comes to network security and management, so we are proud to be offering an affordable solution that brings the best of both together in one device. Combining best-in-class security, superfast WiFi, and cloud management, the SCR 50AXE is the perfect solution for businesses looking to simplify their network management without sacrificing security or quality.”

For more information on Zyxel’s new WiFi 6E secure cloud-managed router please visit: https://www.zyxel.com/SCR_50AXE

*Please consult with your local authority to confirm whether the 6GHz band is open for unlicensed WiFi use in your country, or visit https://www.zyxel.com/sites/zyxel/files/solution/Zyxel-WiFi6E-enabled-Countries.pdf for a list of countries that have enabled WiFi in 6GHz.

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