Stong Security Solutions for Electronic Casinos - Novo Gaming d.o.o., Hungary

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Today, the Novomatic Group of Companies is Europe's largest integrated gaming company. It is active in more than 60 countries worldwide and holds over 800 patents, industrial property rights, and designs. It also offers one of the most extensive ranges of products in the industry - traditional and video slot terminals, video poker machines, gaming machines with limited bets, betting terminals, multi-player systems, video lotteries, networked and online systems for casinos and the sports betting sector, as well as content for online gaming providers.

The casino engagements of Novomatic and its founder and majority shareholder Prof. Johann F. Graf, include more than 800 electronic casinos and casino operations worldwide. The Group operates the leading casino in Germany (Berlin) and the Czech Republic (Haté) as well as the largest resort casino in Latin America in Chile. The Group is also among the market leaders in Switzerland as well as in the Czech Republic, Croatia and the Baltic States. Their local Croatian branch, Novo Gaming d.o.o. operates electronic casinos, gaming and slot machines at over 200 locations with remote places on the sea side and the inner lands.


Novo Gaming d.o.o, the Croatian branch of the worldwide Novomatic group of comanies operates a vast of gaming and slot machines on remote locations, over 50 electronic casinos and other entertainment solutions in Croatia. Company was looking for a versatile, unified and security solution to connect their existing and soon to be deployed gaming machines and remote locations to a central site providing solution to monitor and manage remote operations. A highly reliable solution was needed in all locations, machines and with redundancy in central location.


In cooperation with local ZyXEL system integrator company, Badurini d.o.o. a star VPN topology was designed, exploiting features like IPSec VPN offered by ZyWALL soltuions. To build such a cost effective site-to-site VPN connection between all remote locations and central servers they used ZyWALL USG 1000 firewalls in central location and ZyWALL 2 Plus firewalls in remote locations, electroinc casinos and machines. In central location 2pcs of ZyWALL USG 1000 were installed with Device HA configuration to provide a redundant solution in case master firewall fails.

Futhermore, multiple WAN connections are used to exploit auxiliar (backup) Internet connection to further increase reliability. In remote locations and machines ZyWALL 2 Plus firewalls are installed to establish site-to-site VPN connection to servers in central. Beside the robust and cost effective IPSec VPN solution ZyWALLs provide an all-in-one UTM (Unified Threat Management) solution including ICSA certified firewall, comprehensive reporting system, multi-level threat management, rapid response to new threats with ZyXEL Security Distribution Network (ZSDN), end-point security and other key features.

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