Network at Seeklause Hotel is Built on ZyXEL WLAN Solution, Germany

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"The number of guests requesting internet access is increasing extremely rapidly. We're really glad that we can now – thanks to the ZyXEL hotspot solution - offer this service which is easily accessible and low cost too. Due to the fact that we have purchased the products we can act completely independently of a provider and offer individual rates for the access. This is a really great service. We are extremely satisfied with the solution. It runs very stably and so far we haven't experienced any problems. Also, because the system is an open structure and expandable, we're in a position to extend the service easily and can include the park area and the new sports facilities we are building with an outdoor access point."

Mr. Romer
Owner, Seeklause Hotel


Hotel Seeklause in the seaside resort of Seebad Trassenheide on the Baltic Island Usedom has a very good reputation as a family hotel and has been awarded the“Quality Seal for Family Friendly Policies” on several occasions.


The owners of the hotel, the Romer family, took over the hotel in 1993. Originally, the hotel was built in 1978 and for a long time was used as a holiday camp. Since the take-over, the Romers have invested about 10 million euros in extending and modernizing the hotel - their main goal being to attain the 3 star rating. And this was achieved this year! The transformation from a holiday camp to a modern hotel has been successfully completed. Now the hotel offers 102 beautifully furnished rooms, a new and exclusive wellness area with a swimming pool and a large outdoor area, ideal for children, with a playground and an 800 qm lake.

Solutions and Benefits

One of the most important criteria to attain the 3 star hotel category is the provision of an internet access to all rooms. The telecommunications system which was installed in 2002 had to be modernized and refitted. Frank Wollner, from the company "Rugenprovider" who has been working for the hotel and taking care of the network and telecommunications structure for a number of years suggested an inexpensive WLAN installation which would enable the WLAN service not only in the lobby and in the restaurant but also could cover the large outdoor area. Wollner's choice was ZyXEL's solution: "The ZyXEL hotspot installation with a total of 17 access points, which are connected via two ZyXEL switches, is an extremely effective and inexpensive WLAN solution."

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