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Easy to setup, maintain and organize

NAS542, 4-Bay Personal Cloud Storage

We make professionals work together efficiently

Work anywhere as long as you have NAS542

Secured files with reliability.

Set your folder permissions and specify access for multiple users, ensuring that you and your team are the ones collaborating the files you want. Features RAID capability, get reliable data sharing even if a single hard drive fails, so that you can keep on working!

NAS542, 4-Bay Personal Cloud Storage

Be efficient with your work.

Enable remote access, so you can edit your photos, videos, and documents where ever you go in this world. Built-in SD card reader, conveniently allows you to copy your multimedia files from the SD card to the network storage.

Tuned for maximum performance.

Directly edit your photos and video files on the network storage device. Powered with high end specifications, our network storage device deliver fast read and write speed as if you’re working directly from your computer system.

NAS542, 4-Bay Personal Cloud Storage

Stay mobile with your work and share it among your clients.

Zyxel incorporates advanced P2P technologies to enable you to quickly browse your work files from your network storage device where ever you are.

NAS542, 4-Bay Personal Cloud Storage

Flexibility to get your devices connected together.

Whether you choose to utilize SAMBA or WebDAV to share your files, the Zyxel network storage device provides to flexibility for you to choose on how you connect with all your colleagues.

NAS542, 4-Bay Personal Cloud Storage

Deliver your finished artworks with its link aggregation for the faster data transfer speed.

Get your digital media online up to 30% faster than traditional single gigabit Ethernet connection, by utilizing the network storage’s dual Ethernet ports.

NAS542, 4-Bay Personal Cloud Storage

* All specifications are subject to change without notice.