Zyxel products once again win recognition of "Taiwan Excellence"

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28 December 2010 – Zyxel Communications, a world-class networking company that provides innovative and reliable Internet solutions for customers ranging from service providers, small and medium sized businesses to home users, announces today, its recommendation for "2011 Taiwan Excellence" awards for seven products. This honor and recognition once again establishes Zyxel excellence and commitment as a world-class networking company.

All seven Zyxel products nominated received this recognition. To compete for the 2011 shortlist, a total of 974 product items were nominated by 381 companies and Zyxel’s seven items all stood out prominently and notably to win the credits. The seven "Taiwan Excellence" products are: - Green Networking Security (USG50/20/20W series) - High Speed Wireless AP (WAP5705) - High Performance Integrated Audio Player (DMA1550) - World’s Smallest STB (STB2102 NANO) - Green VDSL2 Switch (VES1624) - High Performance ADSL Router (P-660HN-T1H) - High Performance VDSL2 IAD (P-2812 HNU).

In compliance with the global trend towards environmentally-friendly, energy-saving, green products, as well as the consideration of enabling optimal user experience, the seven "Taiwan Excellence" Zyxel products highlight not only leading-edge technologies and outstanding performance, but also a commitment to these trends and to the customers’ satisfaction. The USG50/20/20W Firewall Series not only helps small and medium sized businesses in protecting their networks from threats and invasions, but it also reduces overall total power consumption by up to 80% through its exclusive IntelliEnergy green technology.

The High-Speed Wireless AP (WAP5705) and Integrated Audio Player (DMA1550) are the best-in-class choices for home users to enjoy a high-quality, digital lifestyle. With a unique tri-mode design and used in pairs, the high-speed wireless access point (WAP5705) enhances wireless coverage at home 4 times better than competing products. Home users are then able to enjoy multimedia-streaming freely without the concern of dead-corners. With this high-performance, block-free wireless home network in place, family members can easily playback music, by utilizing the Integrated Audio Player (DMA1550), from a home PC, network storage appliances and laptops, or Internet radios wirelessly, without any limitations.

The VDSL Switch (VES1624), high-performance ADSL Router (P-660HN-T1H) and VDSL2 IAD (Internet Access Device: P-2812NHU) all reinforce Zyxel's continuing achievement and leadership in DSL technology for broadband infrastructure. For specific distinction, the VDSL2 Switch (VES1624), in addition to its new "Taiwan Excellence" title, was also nominated for the shortlist in the category of ‘Green Broadband’ product for the InfoVision Award, accredited by Broadband World Forum Europe just recently in September. By using Zyxel's complete range of broadband products, built with leading-edge technologies and platforms, Telco customers will have the upper hand, with differentiated application features, in gaining more revenues and winning customer loyalty. Coupled with the world’s smallest Set-Top-Box (STB2102 NANO), featuring high-definition capabilities that offer stunning audio and video quality, users will be able to enjoy high-quality, digital lifestyles with optimum user satisfaction.

"Taiwan Excellence" is the highest accolade awarded to products that encapsulate Innovalue. It heralds Taiwan's ascent to world-class quality in product innovation, design, quality, and marketing, representing the highest standards that Taiwan products must meet to maintain its competitive advantage and standing in the global market. The award is administered by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), a sector under the supervision of the Bureau of Foreign Trade of Ministry of Economic Affairs.

About Zyxel Communications

Zyxel Communications delivers technological innovations and has connected the world to the Internet for more than 30 years. Whether it’s a matter of establishing access through fixed or mobile broadband solutions, at Zyxel we offer a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of products that’s right for worldwide leading Service Providers and their subscribers.

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