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Zyxel technology powers DIGI Spain’s first-of-its-kind 10G offering


Our customer


Our customer​

DIGI currently has more than 3.6 million customers in Spain and belongs to the multinational DIGI Communications. With 30 years of experience in telecom, DIGI Communications offers fiber internet services of up to 10 Gbps, mobile and fixed telephony, cable and satellite television, and electricity services.

Main challenge

Looking to offer Spain’s fastest fiber optic service, DIGI Spain needed a trusted, experienced partner that could provide powerful, reliable, and cutting-edge solutions that could enable up to 10 Gbps of speed.



DIGI selected Zyxel’s BBF.247 XGS-PON certified AX7501, a dual-band wireless AX6000 10G Fiber IAD, to offer its customers ultra-high-speed fiber connection and superior bandwidth capacity.

Main story​

Initially rolling out in Madrid and gradually expanding across the country, the new network – built on XGS-PON architecture – would offer customers the bandwidth needed to handle increased activity at home. With more people working remotely and streaming quickly becoming a primary form of entertainment, DIGI understood it needed to enable Wi-Fi 6 capabilities sooner rather than later.

When it came time for DIGI to branch into the next generation of fiber optic solutions, it knew working with a partner like Zyxel would help it ground its XGS-PON-based offering with infrastructure from a tried-and-true partner.

DIGI worked closely with Zyxel to help customize the device to its unique needs.




With the new PRO-DIGI service, DIGI offered customers a latency of 1 millisecond – a huge improvement compared to other Spanish service providers’ offerings. To ease customer transition to the AX7501 hardware, DIGI’s technicians are providing one-on-one support to configure the device and answer questions whenever necessary.



Our aim was to become the first 10 Gbps service provider in Spain. This required us to look for powerful, reliable and advanced technology equipment like Zyxel.

Ismael Serrano Casero
Chief Technology Officer of DIGI

Dual-Band Wireless AX6000 10G Fiber IAD with SFP+

The Zyxel AX7501 provides ultra-high-speed fiber connection for triple-play services. By plugging in different optical transceivers, the AX7501 enables 10G service in either active fiber or XGS-PON network. The latest dual-band wireless Wi-Fi 6 (11ax) technology optimizes bandwidth utilization to increase network capacity and the number of simultaneous streams, allowing more subscribers to enjoy superior connectivity with extremely low latency.


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