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Public Internet Access Done the Right Way

The Zyxel UAG5100 is a high-performance access gateway designed to manage guest access and generate revenue in public Internet access networks. Supporting up to 800 concurrent logins, the UAG5100 is perfect for medium-sized venues like hotels, convention centers or public libraries. It facilitates compliance with data retention laws, and ensures high-quality, always online Internet access with dual-WAN and per account bandwidth management capabilities. It also reduces hardware expenditure for BYOD deployments with a WLAN controller built-in.

Capacity and Performance

The UAG5100 is designed to provide controlled network access to hundreds of guests in medium-sized venues like hotels, public libraries or convention centers.. It supports 500 concurrent logins by default and up to 800 concurrent logins with license upgrade.

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX

The Zyxel UAG5100 delivers Internet services with reduced capital and operational expenditures. Without additional hardware investments, the UAG5100 can scale up to 800 concurrent logins, and manage up to 32 APs with the integrated WLAN controller. The WLAN controller increases administrative efficiency with a centralized interface for AP management. The UAG5100 also offers ten (10) IPSec VPN tunnels that make it easy for MSPs to manage the gateway remotely.

The UAG5100 also supports SMS ticketing via ViaNett and up to ten (10) SP350E printers. The SP350E enables one-click billing and account generation, and supports group ticket printout of up to 50 tickets at a time.

Supports 500 concurrent logins by default and up to 800 via license upgrade
Dual-WAN load-balancing, failover and fall back support
Integrated account generator, Web-based authentication portal and billing system
Built-in WLAND controller (supports 16 APs by default and up to 32 APs via license upgrade)
Supports up to ten (10) SP350E Service Gateway Printers and SMS ticketing with ViaNett protocol
Facilitates compliance with data retention regulations
Per account bandwidth management
Provides ten (10) IPSec VPN tunnels for remote management by MSPs
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