Uzbek Bank Ensures Secure Network and Productivity with Zyxel Security Solution

There’s no more serious topic for banks than risk management. And while sustainability is a growing concern, the destructive potential of cybercrime means security is the prime concern. The good news is that – as Trustbank in Uzbekistan recently learned – going from outdated network to fortress-like VPN is more than feasible. Zyxel’s security solution has also increased employee productivity and even allowed remote work during COVID-19, and has done it all with minimal human resources and financial outlay. Here’s how.

As a bank, we love counting our money, and with Zyxel, we were able to realize our goal of getting a quality product without overpaying. We’re especially thankful that it prepared us just in time for the coronavirus. Almost the entire bank’s non-essential workforce was transferred to remote work without breaking a sweat.

Timur Dzhumabaev
Director of Security Department, Trustbank

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