Specially crafted network keeps Italian furniture maker competitive

A network overhaul posed a challenge given the client’s complex production, which comprised two separate locations together spanning over 8,000 square meters and housing modern machinery, labs, tech and QC areas, and more. The client’s system integrator, Soft System, suggested using Zyxel solutions, which it knew from experience could meet the factory’s needs of greater agility and more effective traffic management for modern converged applications. Connecting its two sites and various departments required centralized management of all devices. That meant building a WiFi network capable of satisfying all factory and office needs and connecting all manufacturing equipment, mobile devices, and SIP telephony. Meanwhile, for easy management, the company needed to divide the network into separate VLANs with access control. First, XGS3700 and XGS2210 switches were deployed. Their 10Gb connectivity and high power budget ensure business continuity. Next came WAC6502D-E access points, whose Smart Antenna technology is ideal for high-density environments. As well as offering the best possible signal, they mitigate interference from other wireless clients. Both sites now have seamless, high-speed WiFi connectivity delivering smooth, secure, and fast data transfers, making for happier, more efficient workers. And the same goes for the admin, who are using the Cloud Network Center to monitor and manage the network from anywhere at any time.

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