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2U 5-slot Temperature-Hardened MSAN


Copper-pair line cards for various “Last Mile” constructions

Equipped with copper-pair (ADSL2+, VDSL2, VoIP and Fast Ethernet) subscriber line cards, the Zyxel IES4105 Series 2U 5-slot Temperature-Hardened MSAN allows operators to easily construct the last mile of broadband networks based on the available transmission media to deliver services to the subscribers.

Hot-swappable modulation mechanism for easy maintenance

The compact chassis of Zyxel IES4105 Series has been designed to fit standard racks. It comes with 32-port ADSL2, 24-port VDSL2, 64-port VoIP, 32-port Fast Ethernet line cards and GbE uplink management cards. All line cards are swappable as such replacements can be easily performed without powering down, and therefore the services are not interrupted.

Application Diagram

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