Russia’s Leading Bakery Manufacturer Optimizes Network Infrastructure with Zyxel’s Future-Ready Solution

Tolyattikhleb JSC is a leading bakery products manufacturer in Russia, better known under its brand name “Edge Karavay.” The company’s continued growth aspirations and strict adherence to high standards met a hurdle when its aging wireless network began to malfunction and hurt performance. Realizing that it was time for a complete overhaul of the wireless infrastructure, Tolyattikhleb JSC, along with partner SoftEx, scanned the major vendors in the market before zeroing in on Zyxel Networks. Using Zyxel’s solutions and support, the Russian company is now able to enjoy a robust wireless network that can easily be managed from a single point. Click here to learn more.

We thank SoftEx and the representatives of Zyxel Networks for the competent implementation of the project. The results of our joint work allowed Tolyattikhleb to realize the goals and move steadily towards the designated development concept. We would like to wish you fruitful work, even more successfully completed projects, and not stop at the achieved heights.

Andrei Denisov
Head of IT Department, Tolyattikhleb JSC

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