Growing Concierge Medical Group Improves Range, Reliability, and Security of Network Using Zyxel Nebula Solution

Diamond Physicians was facing a serious problem. After it expanded its office to meet a spike in demand, the medical group’s network began to show signs of breaking down. Fearing that an unreliable network would put further growth in jeopardy, they called upon the services of an experienced Zyxel partner. In a short period of time, their network was completely revitalized. Zyxel’s cloud-managed Nebula solution with top-grade PoE switches and access points gave the physicians and patients fast, reliable, and scalable connectivity. Since network issues can be quickly spotted and fixed before affecting day-to-day use, the team at Diamond Physicians can devote itself to providing the best care possible.

When we deployed Zyxel at Diamond Physicians, they immediately had an upgrade in their security

Bob Kehr
Chief Technology Officer, Kehr Technologies, Inc.

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