French POS Company Grateful for Enhanced Customer Experience and Network Management Efficiency with Zyxel Nebula Solution

Tiller launched a call to optimize the deployment of its solution and improve customer experience. Zyxel WiFi access points, switches and security gateways were adopted in the restaurants managed and monitored by the Nebula platform. Once the equipment was shipped to the point of sale, the devices were configured automatically and remotely, guaranteeing uniformity of installations across all sites. Nebula provides its users with an overview of the network status and the ability to manage them remotely to ensure the performance of their equipment. The solution provides simple, quick and remote installation and configuration without the need for on-site interventions. The integration of Nebula into the Tiller’s environment was initially achieved by training Tiller’s employees to use Nebula, with the result that teams are now completely independent in the management of the networks. As all the equipment is supervised remotely, it is possible to prevent possible risks. Today, nearly 1,400 devices are spread over 500 sites and remotely monitored by Tiller with the support of Zyxel teams. Starting in January 2021, Tiller plans to strengthen the cooperation with Zyxel Networks subsidiaries in the countries where Tiller is present to enhance network management and business development.

Zyxel’s approach allows our teams to become more efficient by offering additional value to businesses using the Tiller’s solution. With Nebula, we can contact our customers preventively when we receive network alerts. And our teams can support our customers in identifying the outage and resolving the incident, all remotely without having to travel. We are becoming more agile and we can guarantee an optimal experience for our customers which benefits their business.

Pierre Lombard
COO, Tiller

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