Czech Municipal Office Empowers Efficient Citizen Services with Zyxel Switching and Nebula Cloud Networking Solutions

The Ostrov Municipal Office planned to upgrade its existing network infrastructure to meet the latest requirements and support further expansion with new devices. The Zyxel Nebula cloud networking management solution and smart managed switches were adopted to cope with the increasing needs of higher speed data transmission and connectivity for multiple connected devices. The switch supporting 10Gbps speeds provides more than enough bandwidth for all applications and network services including the transmission of many concurrent high-definition video streams and regular transfer and backup of large amounts of data. Configurable switches with multiple gigabit ports meet current and future requirements for flexibility and scalability in connecting computers, printers or multifunction devices wherever the municipality needs to use them. The municipality’s new network supports PoE technology capable of powering dozens of end devices such as wireless access points, IP phones, or security cameras which demand high data throughput for simultaneous transmission of multiple video streams. These smart switches support the Zyxel NebulaFlex technology, which allows remote monitoring and management of the network devices over the internet easily.

Thanks to its centralized management of all network devices, our new network infrastructure will meet all transmission speed and performance requirements for a very long time. At the same time, it is ready to connect more end devices and easily scalable.

Tomáš Bujanský and Jaroslav Kovář
IT Administrators, Ostrov Municipal Office

Zyxel products excel in performance, reliability and ease of configuration. We deploy them very often in our projects because the price is very competitive and they usually significantly exceed our customers’ expectations. Besides, the Nebula solution allows our customers to monitor and manage network devices remotely over the Internet, saving time and increasing network availability.

Ing. Vít Novák
Chief IT Technician, Kancelářské Systémy


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