Budapest’s Iconic Hotel Delights Customers with Zyxel’s Top-Notch Wireless Solution

Clark Budapest is a popular hotel for both business and leisure travelers heading to the capital city of Hungary. As the hotel’s business continued to grow, and it needed better network infrastructure to meet the ever-persisting customer demands, its management turned to Zyxel’s top-of-the-line solutions. The hotel’s requirements were not simple. It needed separate network access for guests and staff and wanted the network to support IP devices like surveillance systems. Any mishap would have proved costly to the hotel as flawless customer experience was paramount to the business. Thanks to Zyxel’s top-notch solutions and its partner, the entire project was completed without a glitch. Zyxel provided a secure, high-speed wireless network, separated for guests and staff, and could support modern devices like VoIP phones and IP-based surveillance cameras. Click here to see how our technology-enabled the successful implementation.

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