Machine Learning

Zyxel Cloud Intelligence receives unknown files from global ATP gateway's enquiries and stores all information with every new threat recognized, Zyxel Security Cloud becomes a continuously-growing and self-evolving security defense intelligence that learns, grows, and evolves at all times.


Sandboxing isolates unknown files and identifies if they are new malware types that conventional static security mechanism cannot detect, ensuring network security against zero-day attacks.

Threat Intelligence Machine Learning

Threat Intelligence Machine Learning syncs daily with all ATP Firewalls so that every ATP benefits machine learning from the cloud, both the cloud and ATP are connected as a security ecosystem that learns together, so it can strengthen its defense and stay immune to new unknown attacks. The cloud never stops expanding and evolving, by merging multiple databases with Threat Intelligence Machine Learning, its growing malware intelligence allows ATP Firewalls to detect malware in real-time.

Multi-layer Protection

ATP Firewall is designed with multi-layer protection against multiple types of threats from inside and out. Sandboxing, Anti-Malware, Reputation Filter, and Intrusion Prevention block external attacks while Application Patrol and Web Filtering empower you to restrict users' inappropriate application usage or web access. Together, they safeguard your network without any unattended gaps. By boarding the Nebula cloud, the provisioning profiles and settings can be quickly configured to managed devices as required. The firewall policies will be provisioned and synchronized in minutes across multiple sites.

ATP can restrict access from high-risk countries and can know the source or destination of attacks with GeoIP address translation for geographic mapping.

Reputation Filter Preemptive IP/DNS/URL Defense

Reputation Filter, consisting of IP Reputation, DNS Threat Filter, and URL Threat Filter, matches up IP/domain/ URL addresses with the always-up-to-date cloud reputation database and determines if an address is reputable or not. This improves blocking efficiency, restricts access to malicious IP/domain/URL, and blocks access from compromised sources, thus providing granular protection against ever-evolving cyber threats.

Comprehensive Web Filtering Service

ATP Firewall delivers enhanced web filtering functionality and security through its powerful combination of both reputation and category-based filtering. The dynamic content categorization analyzes the content of a previously unknown website and domain and determines if it belongs to an undesirable category including gambling, pornography, games, and many others. A newly added DNS content filter offers a better approach to inspect web access, particularly when the website is deploying ESNI (Encrypted Server Name Indication) where the traditional URL filtering failed to identify the destination domain.

Deep Insights Into All Your Devices

Device Insights give you more visibility of your networks including wired, wireless, BYOD, and IoT devices. You can create access policy with device contextual such as OS version or device category to enforce network segmentation. This reduces the attack surface and prevents threats from spreading. It also helps SMB(s) reduce time spent on investigation. Continuing with our goal of providing our customers with increased visibility, Zyxel SecuReporter gives your organization comprehensive endpoint inventory dashboard.

Reporting & Analytics

ATP Firewall dashboard gives user-friendly infographic traffic summary and threat statistics. Users can also utilize SecuReporter for further comprehensive threat analysis.


ATP dashboard gives seven-day threat statistics and traffic summary since-reboot, providing a quick network security overview.

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SecuReporter features comprehensive log analysis with data correlation and gives custom reports, an essential for service providers.

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