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It’s quite troublesome to deploy networks in smaller public areas such as coffee shops, bistros or bars. Providing Internet access is always a necessary but tiring job to meet customer expectations, however venue owners must complete complex Internet framework setup tasks to manage access and prevent bandwidth abuse.

The Zyxel UAG50 Unified Access Gateway is a brand-new all-in-one access hotspot that combines a wireless access gateway and a built-in thermal ticket printer. The device is designed to fulfill the needs of small venue owners with limited resources to provide the best services and quality with less setting and management effort.

Generating Revenue

The Unified Access Gateway is designed with advanced billing, user authentication and access control features that help venue owners service guest accounts, block unauthorized access and generate revenue with their Internet services. It gives owners the flexibility to offer Wi-Fi access as a free service, a tiered service (premium when a purchase is made) or a paid service, depending on the preferred decision for the venue.

Built-in thermal printer
Supports 10 billing profiles
Supports 100 concurrent logins
Supports external RADIUS servers
Integrated account generator, Web-based authentication portal and billing system
Equal bandwidth management
Facilitates compliance with data retention regulations
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