Polish Aviation Tech School Elevates Education Quality with Nebula Solution

Heroes of Narvik Technical School (T9L) in Warsaw had been using Zyxel devices at its computer lab since 2014. However, with the arrival of the pandemic, the school needed to upgrade its network to support remote learning as well as to give students themselves a grounding in the latest networking technology. Impressed by its functionality and user-friendliness, the school replaced existing hardware with Nebula cloud networking solution. Its straightforward interface, easy configuration, and centralized monitoring and analytics were deciding factors. Due to remote learning and the need for students to connect to the school network, the school adopted USG FLEX 500 to support a larger number of VPN connections. In addition, the USG FLEX 500 firewall was installed to offer more efficient and advanced protection against malware. Zyxel Poland supplied the school with two additional NAP102 APs along with an NSW100-28P switch for tests of the Nebula platform. Meanwhile, teachers use Zyxel’s GS1920-8HPv2, GS1920-48v2, and GS1920-48HPv2 Smart Managed Switches for hands-on education in classrooms. Indeed, in the first year since the network upgrade, 60 students were trained to configure and manage Zyxel’s devices, and the school’s students outscored all their Warsaw peers on EE.08 and INF.02 practical skill tests. .

The world is changing rapidly, and education must keep pace with it. We needed a tried-and-true solution that could help our students succeed. Well-trained students who are skilled and familiar with advanced solutions used in their professions are attractive candidates on the job market. With Nebula, we have managed not only to streamline the network infrastructure at our school and make it work faster but also to train students in network configuration and administration.

Maciej Kołodziej
Teacher and Administrator, Heroes of Narvik Technical School

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