Plastic Fantastic: New Network Delivers Extreme Productivity for Russian PVC Maker

Masterplast needed to build a completely new local area network capable of ensuring smooth production and sales operations, namely by supporting communication across the enterprise; a companywide video surveillance system; and reliable, secure internet connectivity. After planning the new network with system integrator Paradigma, Masterplast’s IT department carried out the installation and configuration. Selecting a vendor for the new infrastructure had been a breeze, given Masterplast’s previous good experience with Zyxel Networks. “The customer was already familiar with Zyxel’s products and turned to us with ready-made specifications. It was an easy decision,” Paradigma sales manager Vitaly Kozyrev said. “The price, functionality, and quality of Zyxel’s equipment are together more competitive than other major global makers, and its Russian-language technical support is second to none.” The project lasted 2.5 years and consisted of 10 stages, starting with surveillance system infrastructure and ending with access point installation. Today, all the goals of the project have been fully achieved: a modern video surveillance system has been built, computer equipment and devices are operating in a single network, and the high-speed wireless network has allowed the warehouse, office, and workshop to set new productivity benchmarks.

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