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Security Service


Expert forensic tools

User Aware

The User Partially Quotient helps IT security managers spot out risky users at a glance without the extra effort of correlating additional network logs and events. Get in-depth analysis off all events and traffic caused by these users with anomalous behavior.

Ease of setup and monitor

Easy Setup for
End Users

Easy Setup and Save Resource: Users activate SecuReporter on the cloud with an easy setup flow. Enjoy data analysis immediately.

Effective management for

Multi-Tenants from a Single Cloud Platform: Provide custom analytics for each customer. Scale to larger customer base without sacrificing cost effectiveness.

Data protection regulations

Zyxel communication Corp. is committed to following the latest national data protection regulations, such as the GDPR and OECD Privacy Principles. SecuReporter offers three options you can choose:


Personal data is clearly identifiable in Analyzer, Reports, and downloaded Archive Logs.

Partially Anonymous

Personal data is replaced with artificial identifiers in downloaded Archive Logs.

Fully Anonymous

Personal data is clearly with anonymized information in Analyzer, Reports, and downloaded Archive Logs.