Turkish College Strengthens Communication Infrastructure with Zyxel Wireless Solution to Expand Students’ Global Outlook

Balıkesir Bilnet College is dedicated to providing high-quality education and introducing new technology to nurture its students and raise world-class citizens. To make their vision a reality, the school wanted some of the most advanced technologies in the field of education that would empower teachers and students. And for this to happen, they needed the best network infrastructure in the market that could provide reliable connectivity across the campus. Since the school had a large campus with several buildings serving different purposes, ensuring consistent coverage was perceived as a challenge. Speed was not the only issue, because to support educational solutions, the network had to have high capacity too. With the support of its system integrator partner Atasayar Teknoloji and the solution provider Zyxel, the school now has a strong network infrastructure to achieve its goal. Click here to see how our technology-enabled the successful implementation.

Academic education is offered to our students throughout the year in line with our Ministry of National Education’s curriculum. Along with this, we act with a vision to raise world-class citizens, and we define our entire strategy from this perspective. For this, we want our students to benefit from the opportunities that the latest technologies offer. Strong communication infrastructure and uninterrupted internet access are among the main needs of the modern education system. We thank Zyxel and business partner Atasayar Teknoloji for their support.

Faruk Tatar
CEO, Balıkesir Bilnet College

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