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High-Speed VDSL Point-to-Point Solution

P-871M, VDSL2 Modem


Ultra-high data rates of up to 80/40Mbps

With downstream bandwidths of up to 80 Mbps and 40 Mbps upstream, Zyxel P-871M offers higher data transfer rates and provides larger bandwidths than traditional ADSL gateways. The expanded bandwidth allows small-to-medium business users to enjoy quality symmetric and asymmetric applications like video conventions and file exchange services, etc. that were previously unavailable.

Operations over existing copper wires and co-existence with POTS/ ISDN services

As VDSL provides much higher bandwidth than other DSL technologies, it enables services providers to offer a variety of value-added services ranging from broadband Internet access to bandwidth-consuming video applications over the existing telephone wires. The P-871M can be implemented quickly, even if there is only one phone line; and users can also keep the current POTS or ISDN services while adding new VDSL services.

Revenue generation with minimum installation cost

Most small business users need simple and quick connectivity with VDSL technology to easily take advantage of the high speed. A pair of P-871M allows service providers to offer point-to-point services such as building-to-building or office-to-office connections, or to serve buildings containing only a small number of subscribers easily with no additional configuration required. With just simple plug-and-play, users can set one P-871M in the pair as the CO and the other as the CPE modem to support high-bandwidth services as new revenues are generated with minimum installation time and expense.

P-871M, VDSL2 Modem P-871M, VDSL2 Modem

Application Diagram

P-871M, VDSL2 Modem
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