Bánki Donát High School and Technical College

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24h Wireless Access in College Buildings

Upgrade to wireless network that is capable of handling large volumes of teachers accessing the newly introduced e-registry service and the Internet regardless of their position within the campus buildings.

Bánki Donát High School and Technical College




Upgrade  to  wireless  network  that  is  capable  of  handling  large  volumes  of  teachers  accessing  the
newly introduced e-registry service and the Internet regardless of their position within the campus
buildings. The  structure  and  special  location  of  buildings  presented  difficulties. Thick  walls,  narrow
sites and radio noise caused by surrounding networks requested carefully planned wireless network
solution with optimal number of Access Points deployed. General requirements towards the offered
and  deployed  solution  included  ease  of  use,  advanced  management  features  and  scalability.
Furthermore, the deployed solution had to handle the problem of alien APs and provide reserves for
planned extension to the student, too.  As the installation took place during school-time of the year
an easy to deploy solution was needed with the least disturbance for students and teachers during
installation.  Certainly,  the  school  needed  an  infrastructure  where  the  wireless  Internet  experience
doesn't depend on the place and the building the client is.

To  suit  these  needs  one  of  the  preconditions  was  to  use  the  latest  N  wireless  technology  also
supporting Power Over Ethernet. The school has several buildings and they wanted to provide the
same  wireless  Internet  experience  wherever  a  teacher  is.  ZyXEL  reseller  partner  Cyber  Systems  Ltd.
offered  and  deployed  a  centrally  managed  wireless  network  with  WLAN  controller  using  ZyXEL
NWA-3000 series hybrid access points. Utilizing the hybrid access point solution a centrally managed
wireless network was deployed that supports roaming functions - for cases when the client device is
moving. Relying on to the automatic channel selection function the interference between close APs
and nearby systems is also eliminated. 

During installation new Cat6 UTP endpoints were created for Access Points,
too. The deployed Wireless LAN Access Points 3000 Series meets the security
and  high  availability  demanded  by  enterprises  as  all  communications
between the hybrid AP and managed AP are performed in a secured tunnel.


With the latest N wireless
technology solution users can
now easily access the resources
they need online, rather than
waiting for a computer to
become available or a web page
to load.

Technology and Products used
- ES-3124PWR Switch to provide connectivity of existing network and Power
for wireless Access Points deployed
- 23pcs of NWA-3166 Business WLAN access points to build Centrally
managed Wireless network

Banki Donat High School and Technical College
The school celebrated its 50th anniversary in year 2000. In the past few years it has operated as a so
called  complex  institution  including  high  school  and  technical  college. Today  it  is  one  of  the  most
successful educational technical institute, an excellent and large training center for the automobile
industry.  The school is located in XIII. District, Budapest, on the Vaci street surrounded by worldwide
well known car companies and dealers. The current campus opened its gates in 1963 for the young
generation who choose to be a professional automotive repair. During its operation the school aimed
to  be  the  best  in  vocational  training  and  provided  demanding  theoretical  and  practical  education
and  educational  work  on  a  high  quality.  As  a  result  they  became  reliable  partners  for  the
automotive-related organizations, and the students were honored as professionals in many areas of
the technical and economic life - often as leaders - representing their school.

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