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Hotel Inselmühle - 4* WLAN Abdeckung mit Zyxel Access Points

Ein Vier-Sterne-Hotel für Familien und Geschäftsreisende bietet seinen Gästen komplette WLAN-Abdeckung im gesamten Hotel.

Mrs. Hildegard Haist, Reception Manageress of the Inselmühle was amazed by the speed with which the installation was completed and is now really happy about the new convenience it offers. “Thanks to the Zyxel G4100v2 and its receipt printer, we can now offer this wireless internet service to all our guests and the handling is so simple. Now we can print passwords and user names at the push of a button. In the past we more or less had to get the user data out of the system manually. That meant going down to the basement to the server. And you almost had to be a programmer yourself to understand how to do it. It was really troublesome, inefficient and time-consuming.”