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Mit der eigenständigen, redundanten Infrastruktur des können Daten- und Kommunikationsdienste der nächsten Generation vereint werden – ohne Limitierung oder Teilung der Übertragungsbandbreiten der Kunden.

Bánki Donát High School and Technical College

Upgrade to wireless network that is capable of handling large volumes of teachers accessing the newly introduced e-registry service and the Internet regardless of their position within the campus buildings.

Carrier Wales Delivers Uncontended Fibre to the Business with ZyXEL UK

By deploying ZyXEL Metro switches, Carrier Wales is now able to offer customers fibre to the business ‘uncontended’ connectivity with services from 10Mb to 1Gb. Using ZyXEL switches, Carrier Wales is able to interconnect with FibreSpeed, NTL/TeleWest, BT Openreach and other Next Generation Network (NGN) providers.

Novo Gaming d.o.o. - Novomatic Holding

Strong security features, robust IPSec VPN and easy to install and manage solution to connect remote locations, electronic casinos, gaming and slot machines to central location servers and to monitor and manage machines operated in several remote locations.

Network-based Video Surveillance for The State of Texas

Knight Security System's "common platform" solution delivers reliable video surveillance at all locations, saving time & money. ZyXEL's superior product and warranty service supports scalability as system needs grow. Safety & security are optimized via central monitoring and control.

Connected Health Entertainment Solution Underpinned by ZyXEL

As Hospedia rolled out service and hardware upgrades to its existing and new bedside communication and entertainment systems, it needed to team with a networking vendor who could provide a complete and service-focused solution. ZyXEL's range of IP DLSAM, Ethernet Switches, Gigabit switches and ADSL routers combined with its personal customer service has delivered exactly what was required.

Residence Ózon**** Konferenz & Wellness Hotel , Hospitality

Modernisierung von Hotel-Dienstleistungen, Standort 80 km von Budapest entfernt, in der Nähe von Kékes in Mátraháza. Ausstattung der 79 Zimmer und des Konferenzbereichs mit Wireless-Internetzugang, getrennt vom Intranet des Hotels.

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