Zyxel Connects Belgian Brewery IT Network with Bottling Plant

When the centuries-old De Halve Maan brewing company was looking to improve overall efficiency for its operations in the famed Belgian brewing city of Bruges, they left no stone unturned. While installing a pipeline to transport the company’s products from their brewery to bottling plant, they realized the same tunnel could be used to move more than beer. The pipe provided a means to connect the two facilities’ outdated legacy networks via fiber-optic cable. The brewer didn’t stop there, overhauling both outdated networks with a comprehensive Nebula Solution from Zyxel. Now, both beer and data flow smoothly beneath the ancient streets of Bruges.

The central IT network leads to more productivity and more efficient work: “Given the excavation work for the beer pipeline, it was a logical step to also build a fiber optic network. The big change this entailed was that both the brewery employees and the bottling plant employees can now work on one network.”

Thomas Van de Putte
ICT consultant at Puype

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