Italian Hotel Ensures Complete Customer Satisfaction with Secure, GDPR-Compliant Wireless Network from Zyxel Networks

Hotel La Residenza Capri is one of the largest hotels in Italy that attracts a large number of nature and culture lovers. Today’s hospitality customers decide on hotels after reviewing booking and travel portals. A reliable wireless network is an important component that helps hotels get higher ratings and positive reviews on these sites. Hence offering an efficient, secure, and high-performing wireless connection was a primary requirement for Hotel La Residenza Capri. But due to the highly desirable nature of the information it processes, hospitality is one of the most vulnerable sectors when it comes to data threats. Zyxel’s Wireless Solution effectively responded to both needs. Check the story here to know how we helped the hotel increase their customer satisfaction.

Ninetynine percent of the hotel premises now have WiFi coverage. The network did not have any problems or interruptions even during peak seasons. Guests are able to connect, navigate with ease, and relax in front of the stunning view.

Costanzo Giamminelli
CEO of Capriwebdesign

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