Zyxel’s new access point gives you wired and wireless Gigabit connectivity

The NWA1302-AC also doubles the convenience for businesses by letting them switch between standalone mode and cloud-based management


Hsinchu Taiwan, 11 June 2018Zyxel Communications today unveiled a new access point that makes it more practical than ever for hotels, dorms, and offices to deliver reliable, high-speed wired and wireless internet to every user in every room. System integrators can install it in minutes and no extra switch is required.

Let the access point work autonomously or be managed remotely – and all with no separate switch necessary.

The NWA1302-AC integrates cutting-edge AP technology and a Gigabit switch with PoE. Designed to be installed one per room, the AP eliminates the need for network switches, so there’s less to buy, less to install, and more time to take care of business.

“Small- and medium-sized organizations that have a lot of rooms, like hotels, schools, and offices, run on tight schedules and tight budgets,” Zyxel Networking Business Unit Senior AVP Crowley Wu said. “Anything that cuts inventory costs or the interruption caused by installation is going to be a big help – and the NWA1302-AC does both.”

NebulaFlexTM offers standalone mode or cloud-based control

The NWA1302-AC’s flexible management also means there’s no risk of betting on the wrong horse when it comes to picking an AP.

“A lot of SMBs have a tough time picking which APs to invest in – those that operate autonomously or those that need to be managed – and they can’t afford to make the wrong decision. The NWA1302-AC removes this decision from the equation.”

Here’s how NebulaFlexTM works. In standalone mode, the NWA1302-AC handles traffic autonomously, easing the burden on staff. Then, if necessary, switch it to cloud-based mode and, with just a few clicks, an administrator has complete control over the AP from any browser via the Nebula Cloud Center.

Seamless installation, practical ports

Thanks to its convenience-minded installation hardware, the NWA1302-AC can be mounted on a wall, outlet box, desktop, or out of sight behind a table – wherever best suits signal strength and the decor – with no additional kits and only minutes required. Its built-in Ethernet and PoE ports add another level of convenience, enabling it to connect and supply power to other in-room devices such as smart TVs and IP phones.

Radio frequency-first design

The NWA1302-AC is engineered using a unique “RF-first” approach that optimizes the radio frequency design for every hardware element in order to deliver maximum coverage and increased data transfer rates. In addition, its smart antenna and beam-forming technology dynamically customize signal direction for each individual device, creating the best path to deliver WiFi signals while mitigating interference from neighboring APs.

For more information, visit: https://www.zyxel.com/products_services/802-11ac-Wall-Plate-PoE-Access-Point-NWA1302-AC/

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