Zyxel named Common Vulnerability and Exposure Numbering Authority

Move recognizes Zyxel’s commitment to security disclosures and will enhance its vulnerability reporting

Hsinchu, Taiwan, 15 June, 2021—Zyxel, a leader in delivering secure, AI- and cloud-powered home and business solutions, today announced that it has been named a Common Vulnerability and Exposure Numbering Authority (CNA), joining an elite group of vendors recognized by the CVE Program and strengthening its security reporting moving forward.

The CVE Program identifies and catalogs security vulnerabilities in software and hardware components worldwide, providing trusted public disclosures so IT professionals, end-users, and other stakeholders can take timely action to prevent attacks exploiting these vulnerabilities.

As a CNA, Zyxel can now assign CVE identification numbers to newly discovered vulnerabilities involving its products. This will allow Zyxel to directly establish new CVEs and streamline the reporting process.

Zyxel’s Chief Information Security Officer, Edward Yu, said receiving the authorization was both a vote of confidence in the company and would allow users to have even greater confidence in the security of Zyxel’s products.

“With vulnerabilities increasing year on year, no company can be completely vulnerability-free,” Yu said. “What matters is how we face and handle vulnerabilities, and being made a CNA is hard-earned recognition of how seriously we take these issues and the work we put in to address them.”

“We have a dedicated PSIRT team to handle all product-related security vulnerabilities. We also have a robust reporting channel and disclosure policy, and we work with security researchers and the CVE Program to solve and disclose vulnerabilities to ensure optimal protection for our customers,” he said.

Currently, only 169 companies from 28 countries have been made CNAs. Zyxel joins a small group of security-minded networking brands and is one of the firsts in the SMB market to receive the authorization.

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