ZyXEL Introduces Smart Managed Switches for Gigabit Connectivity

Provide SMBs with flexible and efficient connections

September 17, 2013; Hsinchu, Taiwan – ZyXEL Communications, a world-class broadband networking company providing a wide selection of wired and wireless network solutions for customers ranging from telecommunications service providers, small-and-medium-sized businesses to home users, today introduced the ZyXEL GS1900 Series of 8/16/24-port GbE Smart Managed Switches with Gigabit speed , advanced network error prevention mechanism, innovative green features, and efficient managing functions which connect businesses to high-speed network and modern applications.
The ZyXEL GS1900 Series (GS1900-8, GS1900-8HP, GS1900-16 and GS1900-24E) includes browser-based switches that are very easy to install, manage, and troubleshoot with rich features that meet the needs of small businesses. These smart switches integrate and simplify complex configuration processes within an intuitive wizard, providing quick and simple set-up functions including start-up, VLAN, Guest VLAN, and QoS settings. This quick and smart deployment not only ensures network accessibility but also reduces time, cost, and effort. The ZyXEL GS1900 Series supports multiple deployment methods for various office and meeting room environments such as wall-, under table- or desktop-mounting options.

In order to make the network stable and secure, the ZyXEL GS1900 Series is equipped with multiple error prevention functions, such as storm control, loop protection, dual images, DoS (Denial of Service) and SSL( Secure Sockets Layer). The GS1900 series also eliminates complicated setting procedures by consolidating them within a simple on/off switch in its web-based GUI.

The new Smart Managed Switches adopt the IEEE 802.3az Entergy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) standard to help business detect traffic and conserve power. Moreover, the innovative ZyXEL green features, including inactive link detection and cable length detection, can lower operating costs as expansion continues, making your business more environmentally friendly. In addition, the fanless design of the ZyXEL GS1900 Series significantly reduces noise. 

The GS1900-8HP with IEEE 802.3at PoE Plus makes the switch ideal for connecting numerous powered devices even when an electrical outlet is not available, and builds a high-performance business network. The GS1900-8HP provides 8 PoE ports with up to 30 W powers per port to extend network deployment, especially for high-powered devices such as Wi-Fi APs, IP cams and IP phones. Furthermore, the GS1900-8HP provides two PoE modes: classification mode and consumption mode. In consumption mode, the GS1900-8HP reserves the actual required power automatically, and you can set power consumption priorities on different ports to optimize use of power resource. This capability increases the number of devices connected and delivers a better ROI.

For complete information on the GS1900 Series, please visit GS1900 Series  8/16/24-port GbE Smart Managed Switch on ZyXEL’s global Web site or contact your local sales representatives.

ZyXEL Communications Corp.
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