ZyXEL Introduces Full DLNA-compatible Wireless Media Router

Bringing the Best Digital Media Enjoyment to the House

Jan 31st, 2013, Hsinchu, Taiwan – ZyXEL Communications, a world-class networking company that provides innovative, reliable Internet solutions for customers ranging from telecommunications service providers, medium-size businesses to home users, announces availability of the NBG5615 – the company’s first DLNA-supported high-performance wireless media router. As a variety of DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) -certified devices such as smart TVs, media players, NAS, DVR, game consoles and laptops along with smart personal handheld devices make their presence in homes, DLNA-capable wireless media routers can serve as a transmission pivot to seamlessly and wirelessly distribute media contents over multiple devices around all corners in the house. 

In addition to DLNA compatibility, the NBG5615 boasts Simultaneous Dual-Band and Wireless N technologies to qualify itself as a premium media router and the best choice for demanding home users as it provides stable and reliable wireless connections at up to 750Mbps over concurrent dual-band networks. The revolutionary dual-band design allows bandwidth-hungry applications such as online games and IP-based HD audio/video applications to work over the interference-free 5 GHz band, while keeping the less bandwidth-consuming tasks such as Web surfing running on the standard 2.4 GHz band to keep the transmissions independent from each other. This brilliant band-independent mechanism not only optimizes bandwidth efficiency to realize speedy, lag-free wireless connectivity for superior digital media quality, but also maximizes the value and performance for household users.

The hardware-accelerated NAT (Network Address Translation) function gives another boost to the already superior network performance. It enables the NBG5615 to offer higher routing speed for high-quality video streaming, online gaming and data transfer among multiple networking devices in the entire house.

The capability of NBG5615 is not limited to just high speed, high-quality digital media streaming and multi-point sharing; this new member of ZyXEL’s wireless media router family also comes with two USB ports that allows users to share printers or USB mass-storage devices. Simply plug such devices to the USB ports on NBG5615 to play the stored contents such as data, digital photos and recorded video footage wirelessly on your HD display systems. The family members can freely enjoy the contents either individually or with others in any room.

As people enjoy more freedom and convenience brought by mobile connectivity, security concerns come along. To address this, a WPS button is designed for quick, easy wireless security setup to protect home networks from malicious attacks and intrusions. Home users can sit back, relax and enjoy the exciting modern digital contents.

As part of ZyXEL’s commitment to social responsibilities, the company’s environmental initiative has been realized on the NBG5615 with several green designs. The two on/off buttons, for wireless connection and electric power respectively, are offered for users to turn on or off the functions as needed. A wireless scheduling function is also available for users to configure the wireless active/dormant modes according to their usage pattern. Thanks to these designs, power consumption can be minimized when the selected functions become inactive.

For more details about the product, please visit the NBG5615 page or contact your local ZyXEL representative.

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