Zyxel Nebula Solution Takes Logistics Company's Network in South Holland to New Heights

Willems Transport represents a typical logistics customer for KaPé Automatisering. The customer takes care of the transport and storage of a manufacturer of dairy and pharmaceutical products in the newly built large hall of no less than 28,000 square meters. A fresh IT solution for the communication system needed to be installed in this distribution center, so that all forklift truck employees could do their work unhindered, no matter where they were in the hall. They faced a few challenges like great height of 13 meters, stable WiFi network available and accessible 24/7. Check our story to see how Zyxel Nebula Solution overcomes the challenges and provides an easy-to-manage platform to our customers.

We notice that everything now works much more efficiently than before. Our employees are happy with all the communication options and can handle the systems adeptly. We are very satisfied and hope to be able to work together with Zyxel Networks and KaPé again on new projects in the future.

Lucien Willems
Owner, Willems Transport

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