Turkish College Provides Technology-Enabled Holistic Learning to Students with Zyxel Wireless Solution

Turkey’s MEV College has a Bornova campus that is known for its innovative approaches to education. To help its students learn beyond classrooms and inculcate an enthusiasm to research and learn, the school has adopted the concept of a “Living Campus.” For this initiative, the management needed a robust network and systems that offer the highest-level performance around the clock. With Zyxel Nebula solution, the school was able to achieve this effortlessly.

The college’s Bornova campus has a closed area of 39.492 m2, but classroom education is only one part of students' overall development. To provide students a modern understanding of the world and encourage exploration and research, especially outside of their school hours, we adopted the idea of "Living Campus." This included several workshops and technology-enabled learning initiatives. To make this a success, we established a modern network infrastructure using advanced technology of Zyxel Networks solutions through Arma Bilişim A.Ş. Thanks to their excellent implementation of a top-class wired and wireless network, we can implement the most advanced educational technologies.

Halil Topuzöz
IT Manager, MEV College Private Bornova Schools Campus

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