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Zyxel Astra

More Roaming Users,
More Threatening Attacks

Today, the workplaces flexibility has given us to connect, share and collaborate from anywhere with more roaming users connected to branch offices and cloud apps. As the network is becoming more decentralized, apps and data are served from and stored in multiple resources on-premises, in a public or on private cloud. While having access to all these off-network activities, this information and all these service online, the boundaries are much more difficult to define and consequently defend from attacks.

Borderless Perimeter Security with Astra

Astra service is to secure your remote users, roaming everywhere outside existing perimeter. It puts all aspects of security protection back into the hands of the network administrator and allows them to monitor and secure users regardless locations.


Build ability to identify people, device, and applications


Anyone attempting to access a resource must authenticate first with strong authentication method through monitor websites/IPs


Real-time web-browsing detection for what is being identified as malicious


Timely traffic monitoring and 7-day historical data store for admin