Zyxel Nebula Solution Spurs Education Revolution at Belgian School

As an Antwerp-based vocational center neared a merger with several other schools, its leadership and tech specialists concluded that they needed a network upgrade. By working together with a local Zyxel distributor, the center was able to easily resolve wireless bandwidth and stability issues in the classroom. More importantly, they were able to give students and teachers all the convenience of the cloud. Zyxel’s Nebula enables anytime-anywhere cloud access to documents, like learning materials and grades, and empowers tech specialists to oversee and adjust the network on the fly. It’s not just a network solution—it’s an education revolution.

When we needed to deal with a technical issue, Zyxel was able to solve it within two weeks by releasing new firmware. This indicates how far Zyxel goes when it comes to service. An additional advantage is that they don’t sell Nebula Cloud on a licensed basis, but make it freely available to everyone. As a result, it is now possible for schools with a lower budget to switch to cloud-based network management.

Paul Broothaers
IT Coordinator, CVO TNA

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