Layer-up on protection for customers and guests by upgrading WiFi

Being secure online is like going outdoors in cold weather. The more layers you have on, the better protected you’ll be. This is why, for WiFi users, it’s always reassuring if you’re using the latest and best technology, since inevitably, that will be the one that offers the highest levels of protection.

Upgrading to WiFi 6/6E or, even better, WiFi 7 will give you and your guests, visitors and users, better protection from hackers and against ransomware and other malicious threats. Also, with our simple Connect and Protect (CNP) set-up service and more security features now built-into and manageable through our Nebula cloud platforms, admins and MSPs have more control over network security and more capability to actively monitor for potential breaches or threats.

Online security is now an important consideration for businesses like hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants and any business that has visitors or guest users on site regularly. And the security capability of wireless networking solutions is now just as important as the performance and quality gains that these technologies deliver.