Zyxel Wireless Solution модернізує мережу фабрики Туреччини, щоб підвищити якість підключення та ефективність роботи

SADAL Agricultural Machinery is a leading agricultural machinery supplier in Turkey. The network connectivity at their factory was not strong enough to support the increasing operations for a complete digital transformation that the company wanted to undertake. SADAL, through its partner, approached Zyxel to solve this problem. Zyxel Wireless Solutions gave a stable, foolproof network that is simple to manage from a single point and offers extensive coverage throughout the premises. The project remained well within the budget that SADAL stipulated and was completed at a fast pace.

We preferred Zyxel Networks and Fonetsan Information Technologies because of their professionalism and experience in digital transformation projects. Our priority was to increase the quality of the WiFi service. The new end-to-end network solution met our needs in terms of budgetary and technological infrastructure. The installation was completed quickly. We are happy to have a data communication infrastructure that can manage all devices on a single platform and in line with the latest technology and future innovations. Zyxel and Fonetsan Information Technologies were with us at every stage of the project. Thank you for your support.

Bora Turan
Financial and Administrative Affairs Manager, SADAL TARIM MAKİNELERİ DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş.

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