Zyxel виводить мережу GPON KTPL на новий рівень у житловому місті

As an Infrastructure Partner of BSNL, a top service provider in India, KTPL was searching for a high-level GPON solution to upgrade their existing FTTH deployment and to facilitate their service to users. With industry-leading technology, Zyxel was able to provide KTPL with the necessary equipment for fast internet access with uninterrupted voice communication.

Originally KTPL was using a typical LAN network that wasn’t able to provide massive residential areas with high-speed connectivity and simultaneous voice services. At the same time, existing FTTH deployment was suffering without an Element Management System (EMS) and required to do all the troubleshooting and diagnostics on the user site that was increasing the company’s OPEX.


Zyxel's End-to-End solution, including OLT2406 and OLT1408A and multi-functional ONTs PMG5317-T20A and PMG1005-T20A, gave KTPL a perfect answer to their current challenges. With its easy installation and without additional infrastructures, such as cable cabinets, Zyxel's End-to-End solution successfully help KTPL save CAPEX and OPEX. Not only have Zyxel’s power-efficient and weather-hardened OLTs saved KTPL significantly on utility costs, but also Zyxel's performance-driven ONTs have enabled KTPL to provide ultra-fast internet connectivity and uninterrupted voice communication through fiber. By deploying PMG5317-T20A in a school, KTPL was able to provide the teachers and students with the fast and steady WiFi they required. Zyxel's End-to-End solution is a perfect choice for FTTH deployment.


Zyxel’s NetAtlas EMS simplified and accelerated the solution deployment, enabling the efficient operation of large and diverse network environments. Now KTPL uses Zyxel NetAtlas EMS to do provisioning and inventory and fault management from the central site. Alarming and log functions of NetAtlas EMS help to find the faults in the network and do the troubleshooting in a much shorter period of time.


The solution made it a breeze for the KTPL to upgrade the existing fiber backhaul. By using EMS, KTPL becomes able to manage all the OLTs from the central site and get logs/reports on a regular basis. Due to the high split ratio and standalone type of the OLT, KTPL had reduced its CAPEX and the simple installation with remote configuration via NetAtlas EMS had a positive impact on OPEX. Also, Zyxel had reduced the installation cost because its ONTs are just plug and play and at the same time all the services can be provisioned by central administration.


We have chosen Zyxel GPON solution because of their robust design of hardware and performance which suited our needs as well as their product support. The management of GPON network is very simplified which provides ease of management and ease of troubleshooting for administrator. They delivered on their promises as far as customisations is concerned and we are happy with their products and services.


Raghuveer Kumar
IT Manager, KTPL

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