Російський виробник морозива відроджує мережеву інфраструктуру завдяки комутаційному рішенню Zyxel

Although it surprises many foreign visitors, ice cream is a favorite treat for many in Russia – even during winter. One of the country’s leading ice cream makers is Russkiy Kholod. But its network wasn’t as hot as its sales, and the fast-growing company was suffering from unstable connections and constant equipment failures. It wanted an upgrade for reliable, high-speed infrastructure that could support an IP video network and VoIP connectivity. Zyxel’s comprehensive, high-performance yet affordable switches were just the ticket. The new network was installed and launched within a week, making compatibility and network issues a thing of the past.

As soon as the new network came online, it was fast and it was stable. It has been a great relief for our system administrator, who can finally have some peace of mind. I’d like to thank Zyxel Networks for making this a reality and for its flexible pricing system.

Andrei Yurievich Buzanakov
Head of Automated Control Systems Department, Russkiy Kholod

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