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Inside-Out Optimized Protection

Advanced Protection for Evolving Threat

Cyber attacks of today are multiplying in large volumes along with more diverse forms of threats including – crypto jacking, malware, surging ransomware variants, and many more! ZyWALL ATP Firewall is empowered with smart cloud intelligence giving seamless protection against all those Advanced Persistent Threats, achieving ultimate in-depth defense of future unknown attacks.

Block it. Learn it. Prevent it.

Powerful, Robust Network Security
Multi-Layer Protection from default bundled security service can block malicious and suspicious traffic, ensuring wellbeing of your business network
Cloud Intelligence identifies every incoming threats so the Cloud Threat Database keeps learning, evolving, and growing stronger after each attack.
Cloud Intelligence extracts top ranked threat information and gives all ATP firewalls constant updates. This global sharing synergy empowers ATP firewalls to prevent all hidden threats.

Cloud Machine Learning

Zyxel Cloud intelligence identifies unknown files from all ATP Firewalls, accumulates results in database and gives all ATP a daily update, effectively turning every new threat into a new piece of intelligence and continuously grow with self-evolving security ecosystem that adapt to new advanced attacks at all times.


Sandboxing is an isolated cloud environment that contains unknown files to identify new malware types that conventional static security mechanism cannot detect, ensuring protection against zero-day attacks.

Reputation Filter Preemptive IP/DNS/URL Defense

Reputation Filter, consisting of IP Reputation, DNS Threat Filter, and URL Threat Filter, matches up IP/domain/ URL addresses with the always-up-to-date cloud reputation database and determines if an address is reputable or not. This improves blocking efficiency, restricts access to malicious IP/domain/URL, and blocks access from compromised sources, thus providing granular protection against ever-evolving cyber threats.

Stay Ahead of the Threats with CDR

Collaborative Detection & Response (CDR) is used to identify threats and risks posed in the more complex organization workforce, workload, and workplace. ATP firewall provides network admins with a rule-based security policy. The firewalls detect a threat on any of the connected clients, then automatically respond to cyber threats and contain the device(s) at the edge of your network (Wireless Access Point). It is a perfect fit for IT to address the requirements of a decentralized network infrastructure and provide automatic protection.

Secure WiFi Guarantees Remote Workplaces Security

Businesses striking a balance on productivity and security protection becomes a priority with growing number of devices. Whether it is a wired, wireless, or a IoT device, the Secure WiFi service is used to build a secure L2 tunnel for Work-From-Home user to extend the working experience easily and securely, as if you were in the office with the safety of both two-factor authentication and secure tunnel, which boosts up productivity and eases IT support. The Secure WiFi service also unlocks the number of managed APs to maximum for the ATP firewall.

Reporting & Analytics

ATP Firewall dashboard gives user-friendly infographic traffic summary and threat statistics. Users can also utilize SecuReporter for further comprehensive threat analysis.


ATP dashboard gives seven-day threat statistics and traffic summary since-reboot, providing a quick network security overview.

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SecuReporter features comprehensive log analysis with data correlation and gives custom reports, an essential for MSP and value-added service providers.

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GUI Quick View

  • Dashboard
  • Threat Statistics
  • Sandboxing
  • Reputation Filter
  • Top 5 Applications
  • Top URL Detected/Blocked
  • Scanned Traffic

ATP Dashboard

ATP Firewall dashboard displays traffic summary since-reboot and in-depth seven-day threat statistics with hit counts.

Threat Statistics

Threat statistics overview for all security features


Sandboxing results

Reputation Filter

Top Botnet Filter & IP Reputation hit counts with Geo locations

Top 5 Applications

Displays the top 5 used applications since last reboot

Top URL Detected/Blocked

Displays most detected or blocked web categories since last reboot

Scanned Traffic

Displays all scanned traffic statistics since last reboot

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