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Talent is a corporation’s most critical asset, allowing it to sustain its business and maintain growth. Zyxel is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where employees feel valued, respected, engaged, and empowered to bring their expertise and potential forward.

At Zyxel, we strive to ensure workplace safety, protect employee health, and emphasize work-life balance. We also create an equal, integrated, and diversified working environment where gender equality, multicultural integration, and cross-generational diversity are all brought into account.

With a well-structured promotion system and on-the-job training programs, Zyxel lays out a career development path for its employees for professional and personal growth.

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Our diversity and inclusion strategy

At Zyxel, we believe a diverse and inclusive workplace will drive innovation, productivity, and resilience. Zyxel promises to maintain employment diversity in various aspects – gender, race, language, age, party affiliation, or marital status will not be taken into consideration during hiring, remuneration, and promotion. In 2022, there was zero incident of discrimination reported.

One of our biggest ambitions is to create equal opportunity for men and women in every function and at each level. As of 2022, female employees account for 34 percent of Zyxel's global workplace. The women to men ratio at the management level was 28.6 percent.

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Our employee engagement plan

At Zyxel, we see talents as the most critical asset for sustained growth. Zyxel is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where employees feel valued, respected, engaged, and empowered to bring their expertise and potential forward.

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Zyxel Communications named Orange County Top Workplaces 2021 Award

This recognition not only serves as an encouraging validation of our efforts in critical areas such as culture, values, benefits, and training. But more importantly, it also highlights areas where we can improve to make Zyxel an even more rewarding workplace for our team members.

Howie Chu   
President of Zyxel North America


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Our talent training and development program

Through comprehensive training programs and personal career development plans, Zyxel encourages employees to strengthen professional skills and knowledge and advance professional competencies at different career stages. Our comprehensive training program comprises five types of courses - new employee orientation, leadership and management skills, professional capabilities, safety, health, and environment (S.H.E), and legal and compliance.

In 2022, we hosted a wealth of training programs, with a total participation of 22,399 individuals, accumulating an impressive 154,200.9 hours of training*. This marks a remarkable 24.35% increase compared to 2021.

*Training hours are calculated exclusively for the Zyxel and MitraStar sites in Taiwan and the Wuxi site in China.


Our employee care program

A safe, healthy, and harmonious work environment is the foundation of employee productivity and company prosperity. We promise to guarantee workplace safety, protect employee health, and emphasize work-life balance.

Occupational health and safety

All Zyxel employees and contracted workers are required to follow the occupational health and safety requirements and implement in daily operations while receiving training annually.

Maternity and child care

We support our employees throughout different life stages. Our comprehensive maternity programs include maternity and parental leave for both male and female employees, free maternity risk assessments, and pregnant-friendly facilities.

Under the pandemic

We formed a “Pandemic Prevention Workforce” to diminish the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic to employee health and company operation. In addition to environmental and facility sterilization, we provide paid leaves for vaccination and recovery, family care leaves, and work-from-home options for employees with needs.

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Work-life balance during the pandemic

The pandemic didn't stop us from promoting the work-life balance culture. During the work-from-home period, we organized two online aerobic courses with a total of 140 employees and their family members participating.

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