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Three Sweden launches 5G to customers across the country


Our customer


Our customer​

Three is one of Europe’s leading telecommunications providers, connecting 9.3 million active customers to the world through 100MHz of contiguous 5G spectrum. It’s part of the CK Hutchinson Holdings Ltd group of companies and investors (SE and DK), which has mobile operations in 7 countries.

Main challenge

Three Sweden, one of Europe’s leading telecommunications providers, wanted to expand its reach to new customers while upgrading its service to provide existing customers with faster internet connectivity – both inside and outside their homes.

To support the rollout, Three needed a partner who could provide the necessary routers and equipment at a competitive price-to-performance ratio. Further, the partner needed to have a deep understanding of the Swedish market to provide a level of service on par with what customers could get from a local support team.



Zyxel manufactured and delivered the NR7103 and NR5103E routers for Three’s expanded 5G rollout in Sweden. Zyxel also provided product materials to help Three’s sales team effectively promote 5G –assisting their support team with installations and ongoing management of the new routers.

Three selected Zyxel Communications due to the manufacturer’s deep industry expertise, ability to support a local rollout, and rapid delivery of large quantities of routers within a constricted timeframe.

Main story​

Three’s initial ask involved high volumes of routers – 10,000 to 12,000 per year, split across 4G and 5G-enabled technology. When Zyxel learned supply chain demands would make it impossible to manufacture and receive as many 4G devices as Three needed, the router manufacturer was able to pivot entirely to 5G devices, delivering enough technology for Three to launch its expanded service on time.

Throughout the process, Zyxel acted not as a Three supplier, but as a trusted partner in 5G evolution. Zyxel used its local presence and knowledge of the Swedish market to help Three supply and market 5G-enabled technology for their customers’ unique needs, including the materials Three’s support team would need to assist customers with installation and management.

Working together, Three and Zyxel devised workable solutions to overcome any implementation challenges to ensure a smooth rollout. Zyxel also stood out by offering superior support to Three during the rollout and to its customers afterwards.




Post-installation customer surveys indicate the new routers are driving both faster speeds and improved customer satisfaction. After the successful rollout, Three will continue to scale its engagement to provide higher bandwidth to its growing customer base across Sweden and will work with Zyxel to replicate the program in other European countries.



We knew 5G could forever change the way our customers work and play – but we also knew we couldn’t enable them to experience the full benefits of 5G without offering the right equipment at the right price. Zyxel delivered on our high-volume needs, on time in full, and made sure we were well equipped for the rollout. They knew our customers, they knew our business, and that made them an invaluable partner.

Patrik Flodin, Business Manager
FWA at Three Sweden

Zyxel product solutions

5G NR Outdoor Router

Designed to help service providers accelerate 5G FWA development with added flexibility and minimal capital investment, the NR7101/NR7102/NR7103 Series is SA/NSA dual-mode compliant, easy to install, and provides remote management. The Series enables high-capacity, ultra-fast, yet low-latency broadband services deployed across a wide range of geographic environments.

5G NR Indoor Router

The Zyxel NR5103E 5G NR Indoor Router supports the latest 5G NR technology while at the same time retaining full compatibility with 4G networks. The NR5103E is ideal for 5G NR FWA deployment. Certified with WiFi 6 and EasyMesh R2, the NR5103E allows service providers to deliver premium broadband services across customers’ homes or workplaces.


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