Unleashing 10G with XGS-PON

  • today November 30, 2023
  • schedule 11:00 am - PT
  • hourglass_empty 45m
  • English
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Andrew Cuellar

Product Marketing Manager

Time (US and Canada)

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To live, work, and play in this digital age, you need high-speed and reliable broadband internet. Increasing demand for more bandwidth opens the doors for higher-performing access technologies like XGS-PON and beyond. As providers continue to invest in their fiber networks, 10G/XGS-PON is paving the way to deliver higher bandwidth capabilities to subscribers. While consumers are ready and willing to take things to the next level with multi-gig services. This high-speed, symmetrical, and low-latency network architecture is here to offer unparalleled connectivity for both residential and business applications. Join to hear more about the key features and benefits of what XGS-PON has to offer.