Navigating the Fast Lane: A Deep Dive into Speed Tests for Seamless Online Experiences

  • today March 7, 2024
  • schedule 09:00 am - PT
  • hourglass_empty 45m
  • English
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Andrew Cuellar

Product Marketing Manager

Time (US and Canada)

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In today's digital age, reliable online experiences are integral for both home and work aspects of life. Ensuring a seamless and high-speed internet connection is becoming necessary, especially regarding the Wi-Fi experience. However, navigating the tools available to ensure an optimal experience can be challenging. Join us to learn more from Ookla, Plume, and Zyxel to stay ahead in the fast lane of the digital world!

 Topics of discussion: 

  • How speed tests work and what they measure 
  • The importance of accurate internet speed measurements 
  • Advanced Wi-Fi optimization Plume OpenSync 
  • Best practices for improving internet speed and reliability